Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally I'm N

Sorry for not posting for a long time.
But I was really busy...
studying, mmmm...somehow hard for the entrance exam..
and YATTO I mad it...
Also I moved from the dorm to new private house...
Man that's GOOD... the last months the weather wasn't fine...
too cold...rainy...gloomy...I hate winter (ToT)

But I'm really looking forward to the next month
****SAKURA**** season


Genki_Dama said...

Mbrook man! And good luck in what is coming =)

ukyou said...


Kanji_chan said...



Emilie said...


My name is Emilie.

I'm going to spend two months i Kyoto this summer and the university rent me a room in Ohbaku house.

It seems to be far away from the University.
Could you tell me how you do to go to the university and most important how many times you spend from ohbaku to university please?
I'm going to do an internship in Kyoto hospital and I hesitate between this room which seems well but far and something more expansive.

I await for your answer with great interest.